Gain clarity in your EMOTIONS to create your next steps

Humans are emotional beings, but we haven’t been taught how to be with our emotions in stressful times, which tangles up our decision-making. The next step in getting you where you want to go is exercising that emotional muscle.

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I want to provide the space for more raw, vulnerable conversations with this podcast to break out of social stigmas and the limiting beliefs we absorb about ourselves from society. I document my own story as well as other social-impact entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches who are on the path to create more meaning in their lives.

Learn the tools that have helped me increase my own emotional intelligence and resiliency. Listen in on how I’m overcoming loneliness, complacency, being lost, being a people-pleaser, and meekness by better understanding how my emotions impact my thoughts and behaviors.

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Society made it hard for us to trust our intuition, which can lead to poor life decisions and feelings of loneliness. Coming from the tech world, I see this skill already being lost as automation becomes prevalent. Ironically, I also see how we can systematically apply software development and Design Thinking into our own personal and professional development.


Identify where you’re at right now. What do your emotions tell you? How are you currently managing them?


Dream! Dream big! What would your ideal state look like? What would you do, how would you feel and act with no limitations? And what are all of your requirements?


How would things be different if you had that problem solved? How can we design the first steps to get you there? Who would be around you?


Do the Nike. Put it into play. Test out your roadmap. Iterate on emotional intelligence through experience.


Having fun is the most important aspect of this. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small, learn from your losses. Life is a dance.

how EQ has helped others

Headshot of ryan shirley
Ryan Shirley
Sales for ServiceNow at Accenture | Co-Founder of Pursuit & Tie
Headshot of Bryant
Bryant Knoll
Lead Guide and Manager at Expediciones Chile | Owner of Covered Wagon Food Trucks | Life Coach at Forward Momentum
I found our session relaxed but really helpful. You did a good job listening and helping me synthesize my own thoughts, which were quite scattered into two succinct points. I feel more clear about how I can gain a better handle on mixing career and family. Honestly, your demeanor is very well suited for coaching. I was very comfortable talking to you from the start. You are calm and a good listener, you didn’t interrupt and asked good questions.
Headshot of Wendy
Wendy Turner
life design coach and writer at The Optimist Journal

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