(1 year later) An Update On My Quarter-life Crisis

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7 min read. It’s officially been a year since I uploaded my first YouTube video proclaiming to the whole world that I was going through a quarter-life crisis. That I’ve found myself stuck in my life, not knowing where to lead it. I write this now, not because I want everyone to care about what […]

I Almost Quit Because I Wasn’t Ready

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6 min read. For the creatures of habit, change is hard. And for the perfectionists, change when you’re not fully prepared is like eating uncooked meat. We could die! But for the everyday life changes, most of the time, our lives are not on the line. Our brains haven’t quite evolved to get past the […]

The Year I Realized That I Know Nothing

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7 min read. I’ve been avoiding writing this type of “annual reflection” post because everyone does it and it consumes our feed and annoys everyone. But I have to admit, year-end summaries are a great way to reflect and bookmark the progress made over a set time period. At the risk of feeding into the […]

You Can Live More Than One Life

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What you do now doesn’t have to define you 5 min read. Are you stuck on a major life decision right now? Maybe you’re not where you thought you’d be and you’re thinking about making a 180-degree shift. But you’re worried about wasting all of that time, money, and energy you put in to get […]

Echo in a Bubble: Why We Struggle Processing Our Own Emotions

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8 min read. Are your opinions and perspectives are your own? Where do you get the information that influenced them? When’s the last time your mind was challenged in an expansive way? What do you actually believe in because you believe it, not because of someone else? If those are difficult questions to answer, I […]

Stop Helping Everyone

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9 min read. You’ve been told all your life that you should help as many people as you can. They told you that you’ll feel happier and fulfilled. You were taught to bring value to others to help them achieve their dreams and you’ll be able to achieve yours as well. And maybe you’re really […]

Solomon’s Paradox: How to Apply Your Own Wisdom

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5 min read. Are you the type of person that gives so much love, compassion, and encouragement to others, but forget to give to yourself? I definitely do and it frustrates me. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite or an imposter who can’t take his own advice. Then I would doubt my ability to give and […]