Stop Helping Everyone

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9 min read. You’ve been told all your life that you should help as many people as you can. They told you that you’ll feel happier and fulfilled. You were taught to bring value to others to help them achieve their dreams and you’ll be able to achieve yours as well. And maybe you’re really […]

Solomon’s Paradox: How to Apply Your Own Wisdom

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5 min read. Are you the type of person that gives so much love, compassion, and encouragement to others, but forget to give to yourself? I definitely do and it frustrates me. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite or an imposter who can’t take his own advice. Then I would doubt my ability to give and […]

The Desire for Comfort Might Be Causing More Anxiety

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Paradoxically, chasing comfort in an effort to avoid the anxiety of discomfort might end up making you more anxious. 6 min read. I was so confused. My family and I were in the car heading towards our cousin’s house for dinner and we had been talking about where I was deciding to go to college. […]

Ikigai Philosophy: Discover Your Purpose

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7 min read. How many times have you questioned the meaning of life or what your place is in this world? It’s an honest, human question, being the intelligent, curious creatures we are. At the same time, there’s also beauty in the fact that we don’t have that one answer or reason for living. Because if we […]

I’ve Been Spoiled

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4 min read. I’m going to be completely honest, for most of my life, I feel like I had it pretty easy. My parents put me through good schools, I studied hard and diligently turned in my homework, went to a great university, chose a very lucrative tech career, and now working at a large […]

So This Is What a Quarter-Life Crisis Is, Huh?

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9 min read. Ah, the timeless existential question that stresses us out way too much and is too hard to answer. So why are you reading this? Oh! Let me guess. You are… going through a quarter-life or mid-life crisis! Me too! Internet Five! I totally understand that you are probably in a strange place […]