The Year I Realized That I Know Nothing

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7 min read. I’ve been avoiding writing this type of “annual reflection” post because everyone does it and it consumes our feed and annoys everyone. But I have to admit, year-end summaries are a great way to reflect and bookmark the progress made over a set time period. At the risk of feeding into the […]

You Don’t Fear Judgment of Others, You Fear Your Own

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4 min read. The artist, the creator, the performer, anyone who wants to express themselves is afraid of judgment in one form or another. The feeling is inevitable. When you put your heart and soul out there, it’s scary to hear what other people will think of it. Then there are those who are successful […]

Authenticity, Not Just Positivity

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Being positive just for the sake of being positive isn’t working anymore 6 min read. It’s hard to avoid all the negativity and pessimism in the world today. Even if you try to surround yourself with more positivity, the darkness somehow finds a way to creep in. It’s taxing on our overall health. We lose hope, […]

6 Books for Those Who Value Emotional Intelligence

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6 min read. No matter how smart we think we are, there is still so much we don’t know. You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” right? It’s been embedded in me and our culture for centuries. But if we take this old idiom to heart, we end up limiting […]

Echo in a Bubble: Why We Struggle Processing Our Own Emotions

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8 min read. Are your opinions and perspectives are your own? Where do you get the information that influenced them? When’s the last time your mind was challenged in an expansive way? What do you actually believe in because you believe it, not because of someone else? If those are difficult questions to answer, I […]

The Negative Emotion Typology: Disarm Negativity By Defining It

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5 min read. We’ve all felt some type of negative emotion at one point in our lives, but the question is, how is that affecting your life? Does it get in the way of doing your best work, being productive, developing a deeper connection with someone? Because it’s definitely affecting mine! I’ve been terrible with […]

Solomon’s Paradox: How to Apply Your Own Wisdom

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5 min read. Are you the type of person that gives so much love, compassion, and encouragement to others, but forget to give to yourself? I definitely do and it frustrates me. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite or an imposter who can’t take his own advice. Then I would doubt my ability to give and […]

The Desire for Comfort Might Be Causing More Anxiety

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Paradoxically, chasing comfort in an effort to avoid the anxiety of discomfort might end up making you more anxious. 6 min read. I was so confused. My family and I were in the car heading towards our cousin’s house for dinner and we had been talking about where I was deciding to go to college. […]