What They Didn’t Tell You About Happiness

Photo by Alessandro Sicari on Unsplash

6 min read. Have you heard of the happiness equation? Happiness = reality – expectations. When I first learned of this definition, my logical mind loved it. Finally, a simple formula for me to follow to be happy! But my limiting beliefs kicked in and told me, You’re not Doctor Strange. You have no power […]

Stop Telling Me to Feel Better

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Because only I can do that for myself. 5 min read. Humans seem to be quick to jump to the role of relief, light-heartedness, and positivity whenever there’s a dull, awkward, tense, or depressing moment. Think about all the times you were sad, how many times did people tell you, It’s OK, or Don’t cry, […]

Don’t Just Follow Your Heart, Lead Your Heart

Photo by Tyler Ung @mr.photy

6 min read. You’ve heard it all before, follow your intuition, tune-in to how you feel, listen to your gut. It all sounds cliché and vague because it’s easier said than done. What does that even mean anyway? How do we listen to an organ that just pumps blood? Where is the gut? Is intuition […]

I Almost Quit Because I Wasn’t Ready

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6 min read. For the creatures of habit, change is hard. And for the perfectionists, change when you’re not fully prepared is like eating uncooked meat. We could die! But for the everyday life changes, most of the time, our lives are not on the line. Our brains haven’t quite evolved to get past the […]

I’m a Man That Cries (Is That Okay?)

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3 min read. Is it just me or do you cry at random parts of the movie when no one else is? And everyone looks at you like you’re super weird? I’ve realized that about myself recently when watching movies. And no one knows how to make people cry like they do at Pixar. Those […]

The Year I Realized That I Know Nothing

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7 min read. I’ve been avoiding writing this type of “annual reflection” post because everyone does it and it consumes our feed and annoys everyone. But I have to admit, year-end summaries are a great way to reflect and bookmark the progress made over a set time period. At the risk of feeding into the […]

Technology: It’s Not You, It’s Me

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4 min read. I love you, Technology. I love the way you provide so much excitement in my life. I love how you do so many things for me, how you make my life so easy and convenient. I love how smart you are. You know pretty much everything, about the world, about people, even […]

You Don’t Fear Judgment of Others, You Fear Your Own

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4 min read. The artist, the creator, the performer, anyone who wants to express themselves is afraid of judgment in one form or another. The feeling is inevitable. When you put your heart and soul out there, it’s scary to hear what other people will think of it. Then there are those who are successful […]