Collab with me

I am on a delusional mission to save the world, wanna help?

Let’s create a world of abundance, wealth, freedom, fulfillment, empathy, creativity, and meaningful conversations. Let’s open up people’s minds, expand perspectives, help them get past limiting beliefs so they can live a life full of wonderful human experiences and deeper connections with one another.

Let’s remind people to be compassionate towards themselves before they worry too much about others. And let’s show them how to build communities by focusing on each individual that makes it up.

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If you are already on this mission, I’d love to help with:

  • blogging (guest post, ghost writing)
  • copywriting
  • Video production (ground, aerial drone, underwater GoPro, and 360-degree VR)
  • personalizing your sales funnel by connecting with your incoming prospects and closing them over the phone

Or if you want to join me, I need help with:

  • editing blog posts
  • podcast production and distribution
  • brand management and marketing
  • social media presence
  • client outreach

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