Join the virtual emotional gym membership for Asian men

The Emotion Gym is a dojo for the mind and heart. Learn to strengthen your emotion-muscles with these evidence-based techniques with other Asian-American men.

A Letter To Badass Asian Dudes

Learn more about what it means to be a Happy Asian Male and Badass Asian Dude and why I’m creating The Emotion Gym.


Do you identify as an Asian man who’s been seeking a community of other badass Asian men?


Are you at a place in your life where everything feels routine, where you’re starting to feel apathy in your career or relationships?


Does everything on the outside look great to others (nice house, new car, great partner, comfy savings account) but still find yourself lacking something internally in your life?


Do you want to add more “badass-ness” into your life? More freedom, more excitement, more accomplishment, more fire?


If any of those were a ‘yes,’ then you owe it to yourself to join. And on behalf of the other men, we want those who want to prioritize the growth of their inner worlds.

That’s awesome to hear! This service isn’t required for everyone. If you know exactly what you’re doing all the time and you’re surrounded by people who support your growth, who allow you to be your authentic self, and you see yourself being highly productive and accountable towards your long-term goals, then you probably won’t get much out of this.

Asian men who live somewhere other than their family’s country of origin have unique challenges.


We struggle with being perceived as the “model minority.”


We have emasculating stereotypes that kill our self-esteem in the workplace and dating.


We neither fit as an Asian, nor an American (or Canadian, European, Australian, etc.).

And most importantly, we were cultured to not show any feelings that might seem too effeminate. Which meant we’re left alone with our dick in our hands not knowing who to turn to.


So though I fully believe the whole world could benefit from learning more about their own emotions, being an Asian American man myself, it’s important to me to build a community of guys who have these common obstacles. Then we can all work together from a mutual understanding for one another.

I know we’re all busy dudes tryna GET IT!


So this is a go-at-your-own-pace program. Meaning you decide how much time you want to put in.


Logistically, I’ll have a weekly 2-hour group call that you can either join live, or catch the replays. From the calls, there’ll most likely be some type of homework or stretch goal to work on throughout the week so you can come more prepared for the next session. And then outside of the calls, there will be a video library of concepts that you can learn on your own time.


In total, I’d say the minimum time commitment would be 4 hours a week, assuming this is integrating into your current wellness practices.


If you can’t create the time for this, I’d actually use that as a point of reflection for yourself and where you’re spending your time. You’re drawn here, reading this for a reason, and if you value it enough, you will find the time for it.

I’ll just get this out of the way. Real talk, I don’t have the fancy, expensive piece of paper from a graduate school that says I understand human behavior at the academic level. I do have a piece of paper that says I am ICF-accredited and certified for life coaching. But what’s more important are the experiences that I’ve been learning from actually doing it.


As the first-generation and oldest son of Chinese immigrant parents, I had to learn how to communicate across language and cultural barriers. I had to learn how to deal with a lot of the ignorance immigrant parents would unknowlingly fall trap to and conflict management. I had to learn how to handle my own emotional wellbeing when they would tell me things like, “man up,” or “stop being so sensitive.” Or never show me love and instead add more pressure on me to perform. You might say that maybe that’s why I’m seemingly successful now, but what was lacking were the soft skills that are required to be a good leader, a good partner, to be a risk-taker, to be creative, to be a badass.


And in my corporate career, I had to learn how to manage stress and burnout when I found myself in toxic work environments, constantly changing deadlines, and no attention to culture. Aiming to fill the gap, I volunteered with a grassroots initiative within the company to help employees find work-life balance. I facilitated workshops to take a deeper look at the head, heart, body, and soul and to improve leadership skills.


Wanting to take my skills to the next level, I took it upon myself to invest in therapy and life coaches, and even an ICF-accredited life coaching certification. I listened to a shit ton of podcasts, read books, and quit my job so I can actually put what I learn into practice. They say owning a business is one of the best personal development courses to take because you have to learn so much about yourself, what you’re actually good at, how to admit to your weaknesses and handle the emotional roller coaster along the way. Plus, through the friendships and relationships I’ve built along the way (as well as having failed through), I now have the experience to speak to why emotional intelligence is the most important thing we can learn as human beings.


But even besides all that, what counts the most is that I am DEDICATED to helping men live their best life. I’m not out here trying to be the savior or to fix everyone, but to offer the support that many men don’t get. Because when we have happy men (who can partner with happy women), we can create a future worth looking forward to.

Because this is the first time I’m running this program, the first few members will become the Founding Members for a highly discounted fee of $50/mo, or $500/yr. As a Founding Member, you’ll be locked into this rate even as I add more content and features.


For context, the planned fee for future iterations is estimated to be around $200/mo, or $2000/year. So join now while it’s cheaper!

Being the oldest son of immigrant parents who went into technology, my left-brain is #FIRE lol. So I get that you might also want a clear, tangible, logical return on your investment.


If there is any part of you that resonates with this though, you’ll know in your intuition that these social-emotional skills are missing in most men, if not all of society. You might have even seen it lacking in those around you.


Having that said, exercising these soft skills will inevitably get you what most of us want, the money, the intimacy, the badass career and network of other badasses. Building emotional skills helps you build better relationships, which will give you better opportunities, and in turn, fill your life with whatever abundance you want.


But I will say, if money, hot women, or fame is what you’re looking for, this community won’t be for you. There are plenty of other experts who can help with that. I’m building this community of men who seek something deeper within themselves and want the accountability of others to accelerate that progress.