Helping creative humans level up their emotional resiliency

I write, podcast, and provide coaching for those feeling stuck having too many interests, the Renaissance (wo)man, the Jack (and Jane) of all trades, the Polymaths. If you’re trying to create a life of your own, but lack direction, this is where you need to be. The place to find clarity by reducing the overwhelm, information overload, and feeling lost in how you want to live your life.

Transitioning through this major shift comes with a lot of emotional roadblocks:

Self-doubt via Imposter Syndrome
Isolation from Lone Wolf Mentality
Low self-esteem from Comparison
Overwhelm with Shiny-object Syndrome
Selfishness because of Scarcity Mindset
Distracted because you don’t know what you want
Inaction as a result of Fear of Failure (and Success)

  Any of those sound familiar? Partner with me. We’ll push you through to the life you want to live!