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An Update On My Quarter-Life Crisis

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I love everything under the umbrella of emotional intelligence. After realizing I lacked it for so many areas in my life, I hit a quarter-life crisis a few years ago. Since then I’ve created an online business under the brand, Human Up.

I aim to contribute more positive online content through writing and podcasting, educating millennial entrepreneurs the power of managing our own emotions so we can be more creative and get out of our own way in building an impactful business.

Tech consultant turned life coach, writer, and podcaster after hitting a quarter-life crisis, doing everything “right” according to everyone else.

What to Expect

Improving Emotional Intelligence is a difficult, but simple 3 step process:



Improve the diversity of words you use to identify what you’re feeling. Connect that with an area or sensation within your body in order to recognize the emotion the next time it shows up.



Embrace that emotion and feeling as a natural part of being a social, emotional human being. Don’t suppress it, avoid it, shame it, or diminish it.



How could you now productively respond to that emotion rather than irrationally react to them? What could you do with that emotion?

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