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An Update On My Quarter-Life Crisis

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Intentionally improving my own emotional intelligence with conscious use of cannabis has changed my life

After subscribing to the “model minority” stereotype and the toxic side of masculinity, I didn’t know how to identify, manage, nor clearly communicate my emotions. And that got in the way of advancing in the workplace, having intimate relationships, and finding fulfillment in creative projects.

When I used recreational cannabis for the first time in college, I didn’t realize at the time, but that was a pivotal moment where I finally made a decision for myself. In 2020, I started using cannabis medicinally. And after a few times meditating with it, I reconnected with what clarity, courage, and charisma truly meant for me.

I left the “golden handcuffs” of my cushy tech job in 2018 to rewrite my story for myself, rather than whatever society wants for me. Now I help self-identifying Asian men redefine their own success, masculinity, and fulfillment. We might even smoke up a bowl (or three).

Would you join me?

What to Expect

Improving Emotional Intelligence is a long, but simple 3 step process:



Improve the diversity of words you use to identify what you’re feeling. Connect that word with an area or sensation within your body in order to recognize the emotion the next time it shows up.



Embrace that emotion and feeling as a natural part of being a social, emotional human being. Don’t suppress it, avoid it, shame it, or diminish it.



How could you now productively respond to that emotion rather than irrationally react to them? What could you do with that emotion?

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Emotional Intelligence Is A Muscle You Can Build