Create YOUR OWN definition of fulfillment through emotional intelligence

After being left behind in multiple promotion cycles, years of being terrible with women, and half-assing my creative passions not thinking I was good enough, I realized at the core of what wasn’t working in my life was my lack of emotional intelligence.

Hey, my name is Victor. I’m a men’s emotional intelligence coach, meditation guide, writer, podcaster, speaker, and founder of the Emotion Dojo. 

If you relate to any of my story, then you also don’t want to:

❌ Continue feeling shamed for expressing any emotions, unable to open up
❌ Let people down, fearful of taking courageous risks for yourself
❌ Unable to ask for or receive help from others in case it looks “weak”
❌ Be left behind or alone, or passionless

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This is why I created this masterclass on The 4 Skills You Need To Lead Your Life With Masculine Integrity.

What the f*** does that mean?

It means creating congruence in what you say, feel, and do.
It means leaning into the strength of your masculine energy with the love of your feminine energy.
It means letting go of other people’s definition of identity, success, or fulfillment and creating your own.

In this 75 min live class (this is not just another one of those sales webinars), we’ll be getting real and working through the 4-step process (that you can use in your everyday) to create a new vision for your life. 

In the class, I will help you….

  1. Identify the GAP between where you’re at and where you want to be.
  2. Maximize what you WANT to feel, while minimizing the impact of what you don’t want.
  3. Create clear steps towards YOUR OWN fulfillment
  4. How to surround yourself with meaningful relationships that will SUSTAIN your growth.

Since the start of the 2020 lockdown around the world, I’ve been running a weekly men’s group, called the Emotion D.O.J.O., and will share in the live class what we’ve learned since then…

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*I’ll share more about the Emotion D.O.J.O group program for Asian men after the class for those interested!*