I’m gathering a small, intimate group of like-minded, socially-impact-driven entrepreneurs and creators who want to align their skills, interests, and values with what the world needs. It’s a feat not many of us will even attempt out of fear, but also because we just haven’t found the right group of people who understand what we’re going through and to help see our blindspots. 

This is a paid group because I want to keep this group exclusive to those who are serious about making things happen. This is not the place for us to just “shoot the sh**” but to brainstorm with intention as a collective, where we can give and take from the expertise of multiple minds.


The group will consist of social-impact-driven, service-based, online business owners or content creators. There’s is no industry-specific focus or niche in this group. Whether you’re helping people in their career, relationships, family, spirituality, sexuality, finances, leadership, or entrepreneurship, if you have the vision to impact people on a more emotional level, this group would be great for you!

Schedule a free call with me so we can see if we would both be able to add value to each other!

I left my cushy tech job in December of 2018 to focus on helping people on a more emotional level rather than helping big companies make more money. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and the convenience it creates for us, but in the process, we’re getting more disconnected from ourselves and others.

My focus with this group is to build up those human qualities again by using technology as what it’s meant for – bringing people together. You might not completely resonate with those in your town or city and this is the platform for you to expand the likelihood of connecting with people who are on the same page.

What makes any group different are the people in it. Hopefully, if you’re here, you’re already somewhat familiar with me and my story and could resonate with some of it. As for the other members, I only invite those who I’m inspired by as well, and I make sure to maintain the diversity in the group by not having any two people with too similar of a skillset or expertise.

Having that said, I do take pride in being able to provide value for others and as the host of the group, I’m committed to bringing my full, unapologetic self, even if it means I don’t look like the top expert, or am the most knowledgeable, or have it all put together. I’m just as lost as you are, but together we can figure it out, one step at a time!

Every week, a 90-min group video call is hosted on Google Hangouts.


5min: Highs and Lows –┬áCelebrate personal or professional wins, share struggles. We cultivate a non-judgmental, unbiased environment. The more honest you can be with your struggle the better.

10min: Check-in with goals. What was your big, overall goal? What did you commit to in regards to that goal? Did you complete the commitment?

60min: Two people (determined before the call) will be in the “Hot Seat” for 30 min each. That means all attention will be on them and they can use that time however they want – present a new offer to bring to market, practice their pitch, brainstorm ideas or strategy, work through a personal or professional mental block, get deep feedback on a piece of their work, get advice on how to deal with a certain relationship, etc.

15min: Everyone shares their new objective to reach for the next call. What is the smallest action to take for that objective?

1min: Confirm the 2 new people who will be in the next Hot Seats. It defaults to chronological order of join date, but you can trade or make bids with others for their time.

We have a diverse group of online business entrepreneurs, coming from different backgrounds and able to offer different skills!

  • Product Manager turned Emotional Intelligence Coach, Podcast Host, Writer – Helping creatives through the emotional hurdles of managing yourself as the product. They’re multi-disciplinary in all 3 content formats, blogging, podcasting, and video.
  • Resilience and Fitness Coach – Helping those in grief, burnout, & loss of identity
  • Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Podcast Host, Speaker – Empowering people of color through representation and accessibility
  • Licensed Agent for Property, Casualty, Life and Health with 20 years of industry experience

I’d love to have others with either content creation, marketing, or business experience!

Yes, but you are welcome to join anytime! We know that life happens, passions, priorities, and circumstances change so the group will remain dynamic to accommodate for everyone’s schedules.

We do ask for at least a 3-month time commitment from each member to instill consistency and create enough progress.

If after 1 month (or 4 sessions) you don’t find this to be a good fit or something changes, we can discuss a partial refund.

With a time commitment of at least 3 months for a total of 12 structured group calls, once a week, as well as the recording and detailed meeting notes sent after each call, the investment will be $600 every 3 months.

Yes! When you join, you get access to a shared cloud folder of all the best resources, worksheets, tips, and templates to get your personal life and online business moving forward.

Throughout our sessions, no doubt will we be identifying documents that we’ve collected, either from other coaches, creators, and programs that have helped us. So this is a good way to share value with others!

You’ll still have access to this folder even if you decide to leave. There’s no reason to keep any information to ourselves!

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