Have you been missing camaraderie with other badass Asian dudes?

This is a men's group, by Asian men, for Asian men to develop strength through vulnerability.

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Welcome to the Emotion Dojo

A brotherhood of Asian dudes who want to be more creative and confident in their decision-making and emotional expression.

Why Do We Need This?

Studies have shown that success comes from motivation and emotional intelligence. 

Without a space to practice accessing our emotions and intuition, it makes it difficult to be creative, make quick decisions, and solve challenging problems. 

*From High Point University Survey Research Center.

Who Is This Community For?

The stigma and cost of emotional wellness services creates a barrier of entry for Asian Americans, especially for men.

This community serves those who are ready to get out of their comfort zones and upgrade themselves as a human being.

How Does It Work?

When you join, you get the best social, emotional learning tools all in one place, saving you time and overwhelm from having to find it on your own.

And you get instant access to a private community of badass Asian dudes who are all on the path towards fulfillment.

Get notified when the program launches!

The Emotion Dojo is a place to exercise the mind, heart, and soul.

What Results Will You Get?

Clarity in your personal “why”, that internal motivating force that will keep you moving towards self-actualization

Boost in your creativity; abilities to draw connections and see things from new perspectives

The skills to make better decisions by bouncing back faster from negative emotions and limiting beliefs

The fire to do more badass things in your life with more freedom, accomplishment, and creativity; without the judgment, guilt, and shame

Choose The Right Plan For You

A simple, flat fee…
Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly

The Emotion Dojo (Founders)

For the Badass Asian Dudes who are ready to take action now
$ 90 Per month (Limited EARLY BIRD spots available!)
  • Get Founder's status, future perks, and discounted rate
  • Get more time with coach and members while it's small
  • (2) 30-min 1:1 coaching sessions per month ($150 value)
  • (4) Group coaching calls every month ($200 value)
  • Access to Private Discord Channel to connect with other men
  • Tickets to recurring workshops (avg workshop ~ $35 value)
  • Future access to 10-week video course ($200 value)
  • Weekly group coaching on video course topics ($300 value)
Limited spots

The Emotion Dojo (Public Access)

For those who want to try it before committing
$ 200 Per month after free trial ends
  • First two weeks free
  • Get access to everything after it's been polished
  • (4) 30-min 1:1 coaching sessions per month ($300 value)
  • (4) Group coaching calls every month ($200 value)
  • Access to Private Discord Channel to connect with other men
  • Tickets to recurring workshops (avg workshop ~ $35 value)
  • Access to finished 10-Week video course ($200 value)
  • Weekly group coaching on video course topics ($300 value)

The Emotion Dojo

For the value-driven Asian dude who knows a good deal when he sees one
$ 900 Yearly price after free trial
  • First two weeks free
  • (24) 30-min 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the year ($1800 value)
  • Group coaching calls every week for the year, except holidays ($2400 value)
  • Access to Private Discord Channel to connect with other men
  • Tickets to recurring workshops​ (avg workshop ~ $35 value)
  • Unlimited access to 10-Week video course ($200 value)
  • Weekly group coaching on video course topics ($3600 value)
2 free mths

Other Men's Experience So Far

A Letter to Badass Asian Dudes

Learn more about what it means to be a Happy Asian Male and Badass Asian Dude and why I’m creating The Emotion Dojo.


Do you identify as an Asian man who’s been seeking a community of other badass Asian men?

Are you at a place in your life where everything feels routine, where you’re starting to feel apathy in your career or relationships?

Does everything on the outside look great to others (nice house, new car, great partner, comfy savings account) but still find yourself lacking something internally in your life?

Do you want to add more “badass-ness” into your life? More freedom, more excitement, more accomplishment, more fire?

If any of those were a ‘yes,’ then you owe it to yourself to join. And on behalf of the other men, we want those who want to prioritize the growth of their inner worlds.

Many support groups focus on business and don’t allow for a more emotional space that builds people up from the core. Rather than addressing the surface level symptoms (i.e. dating struggles, career burnout, family issues, etc.), we support you in slowing down to actually feel the emotions behind that. And we can build stability in that discomfort, you can develop more relevant next steps for your life.

Asian men who live in a place other than their family’s country of origin have unique challenges.

We struggle with the pressures of being perceived as the “model minority,” leaving us not wanting to cause trouble or take risks.

We have emasculating stereotypes that kill our self-esteem in the workplace and in dating.

We’re stuck between identities, neither belonging as an Asian, nor an American (or Canadian, European, Australian, etc.).

And most importantly, we were cultured to not show any feelings that might seem weak. Which meant we’re left alone not knowing who to turn to, or how to articulate what we’re struggling with.

So though I fully believe all humans could benefit from learning more about their own emotions, being an Asian American man myself, it’s important to me to make this accessible to more Asian guys and to build community around these common obstacles. From that mutual understanding, we can skip all the explaining and jump right into the heart of the issues.

I know we’re all busy dudes who are hustlin’!

Which is why this is a go-at-your-own-pace program. Meaning you decide how much time you want to put in.

Logistically, I’ll have a weekly 2-hour group call that you can either join live, or catch the replays. From the calls, there’ll most likely be some type of homework or stretch goal to work on throughout the week so you can come more prepared for the next session.

Once I have the video course built out, there will be an expectation to spend another hour per week on them so you can bring specific topics into the calls.

In total, I’d say the minimum time commitment would be 4 hours a week, assuming this is integrating into your current wellness practices.

If you can’t create the time for this, I’d actually use that as a point of reflection for yourself and whether where you’re spending your time is aligned with your values or not. You’re drawn here, reading this for a reason, time should not be the issue.

But if you still can’t find that time, this membership will certainly be a waste of money for you.

Real talk, I don’t have the fancy, expensive piece of paper from a graduate school that says I understand human behavior at the academic level. But when you join, you’ll not only get access to what I know so far in the video course, but to other experts as well.

I do have a piece of paper that says I am ICF-accredited and certified in understanding coaching models like Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, and Motivational Interviewing. But what’s more important is the fact that I’m actually doing this work on myself, while creating results for other men.

As the first-generation born in America and oldest son of Chinese immigrant parents, I had to learn how to communicate across language and cultural barriers. I had to learn how to deal with a lot of the ignorance immigrant parents would unknowingly fall trap to. I watched my parents and grandparents bicker every day over the smallest miscommunications, which taught me conflict management skills. I had to learn how to handle my own emotional wellbeing when they would tell me things like, “man up,” or “stop being so sensitive.” Or when they never verbally expressed love and instead added more pressure on me to perform.

In my corporate career, I had to learn how to manage stress and burnout when I found myself in toxic work environments, constantly changing deadlines and no attention to culture. Aiming to fill the gap, I joined an employee resource group within the company to help employees find work-life balance. I facilitated workshops to take a deeper look at the head, heart, body, and soul and to improve leadership skills.

In my free time, I love listening to podcasts, reading personal development books, and working through online courses and worksheets (nerd status!). But all those resources meant nothing if I couldn’t apply it. So I quit my job. They say owning a business is one of the best personal development courses to take. 

And I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built up to this point (as well as what I’ve learned from the failed ones). With that, I now have the experience to speak to why emotional intelligence is the most important thing we can learn as human beings.

I’m doing the work, and will continue doing the work to better myself. Joining the program means you’ll be growing with me.

We have some awesome dudes in the dojo already!

One is a CEO of 3 companies, with 6 successful exits of tech startups. But even after each one, he realized it still wasn’t making him happy. And he joined looking to improve his EQ for his company.

Another is an Engineering Manager, but started feeling burnout because his true passion lies in writing. He needed emotional support to work through his fears and limiting beliefs to give him permission to pursue a creative passion.

There’s another software developer who joined after realizing that he was unable to recognize and reconcile with his emotions when there was a conflict in his relationship.

Another dude is happily married, but still fighting loneliness because of the lack of male relationships.

One has been so focused on his business, but hasn’t dated anyone seriously for the past couple years and lacking intimacy.

This other guy is a powerful facilitator and leader, but struggling to command his monetary worth.

And many others!

We’re here to challenge each other, to point out our blindspots, and to learn how to love other men as their true selves.

Being the oldest son of immigrant parents who went into technology, my left-brain is #FIRE lol. So I get that you might also want a clear, tangible, logical return on your investment.

If there is any part of you that resonates with this though, you’ll know in your intuition that these social-emotional skills are missing in yourself. Because it’s been missing in most men, if not all of society. You might have even seen it lacking in those around you.

Having that said, exercising these soft skills will inevitably get you what you want, the money, the freedom, the intimacy, the badass career, and connections. Building emotional skills helps you build better relationships, which will give you better opportunities, and in turn, fill your life with whatever abundance you want.

But I will say, if money, hot women, or fame is what you’re looking for, this community won’t be for you. There are plenty of other experts who can help with that. I’m building this community of men who seek something deeper within themselves and want the accountability of others to accelerate that progress.

How long can your future self wait?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”