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You’re probably thinking, Oh no, another blog. What makes this guy so special? Why does he think everyone should listen to him? Who does he think he is?

Well, to be honest, you’re right to be questioning all of that. There’s nothing particularly special about me. I’m just an emotive Asian American dude who’s suffered long enough from all of the negativity and bad rep that’s all over mainstream media and I just want to talk about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before as well. The constant message that men have to “man up,” be tough, avoid crying or showing weakness and emotion. And even though the intention behind this message is valuable in terms of getting your s**t together, it ignores the fact that we are human.


“Rather than just telling men to ‘man up,’ Why don’t we all ‘human up’ instead?”

I’ll get into how I personally think we should redefine modern masculinity in later posts, but for now, it means we all need to learn how to increase our Emotional Intelligence (aka EQ). Yes, I’m bolding that because.. emphasis! 

Before I go any further, I will throw out the disclaimer again that I’m just a regular dude who cares (too much) about people. But as I experience more of this life, I realize more and more that this world is deeply lacking EQ. We need to develop a better sense of self-awareness, self-love, and empathy. If you were to break down all of our sociological problems in our society today, at the root of it is a lack of these qualities, every time.

It is definitely getting better today, but there’s still not enough education on how to improve our Emotional Intelligence. The mainstream is polluted with waste, greed, materialism, capitalism, self-centeredness, egoism, and scarcity. There’s not enough positivity out there and it’s taking a toll on our productivity, our satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment in life, our relationships, our human potential and creativity, and most importantly, our mental health.

So yeah, if you couldn’t already tell, I’m just tired of it. I know I’m just some delusional guy on the Internet, thinking they can change the world sitting behind a computer, but that’s our reality now. Our keyboard is our sword, and a movement always needs to start with the right information and message. That is who I am, the messenger who gathers the knowledge, wisdom, and expertise of those before me to present to the rest of us.

Who should be reading this?

So I am calling out to those who are in a similar position as me. Those who are tired of having standards and arbitrary expectations placed upon them. Those who aren’t comfortable with the rules that were set up to tame the masses. Those who know they can help so many more people, but just needs that extra meaningful, emotional push. Those who consider themselves as what Steve Jobs call “the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes.”

I can’t do this alone. I need an army to break down the barriers that have been hiding our vulnerabilities. I need you guys to help people understand that our fears and weaknesses are not shameful demons that need to be locked away, but are powerful creatures that just need to be trained.

What exactly do you want?

Now you might still be asking, What are you trying to do, Victor? Create the perfect, omniscient being that is always happy, successful, fulfilled, healthy, satisfied, passionate, and never sad, stressed, worried, anxious, angry, nor fearful? Yeah, right. It’s impossible to completely get rid of any negative emotion, or just be able to force positive ones on demand.

Well, that is absolutely true, reader-who-I-projected-my-counter-argument-on. We all know there’s always something wrong with utopias. But I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for progress.

I’m looking for how we can best educate ourselves with the right knowledge, values, and experiences that will let us look back at ourselves and be proud.

I’m looking for how we can maximize our time spent with positive emotions, while learning how to minimize and manage the negative ones.

I’m looking for the best tools that will properly equip us to handle anything that comes our way.

I’m actually looking for those bumps and dips and slaps to the face so that I can be prepared and able to bounce back.

Now is the time, more than ever, for us to put our real, honest, and raw selves out there. To let the world know who and how proud we are. To show everyone that we are capable of extraordinary things. It’s time to human up.

Whew, OK, I’m gonna step away from this podium here. Drank too much passion this morning.

What to expect from this blog

I hope to use this platform to document everything I learn about Emotional Intelligence, how to improve it, and the best methods to put into practice.

Everything we do and experience initially starts with an emotion and we need to be able to manage them in a way that doesn’t hinder our progress and enjoyment of life.

Here, we’re going to learn to respond to our emotions rather than simply react to them, so that we don’t accidentally say what we don’t mean, or do something drastic and irreversible. We’ll learn how to develop meaningful relationships with both ourselves and important ones. We’ll put ourselves in the right situations and in the right mindset in order to net positive and create abundance. We’ll explore the difficult and profound topics, make some corny dad jokes, nerd out on TV shows, video games, books, and find practical ways to improve ourselves. Join me on my travel across the land, searching far and wide to be the very best (best what? Idk, there’s no competition, but I had to put that lyric in there, OK?). 

Check out my first post to learn more about how this all got started. Go here to get context on who I am, who I was, and who I want to be.

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