Transform Your Creativity & Emotional Intelligence with plant medicine

Utilize these ancient tools for personal, spiritual growth.
An intentional use of plant medicine is the physical diet for your health.
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What Is This?

*There are various options depending on your budget, as well as scholarships available for those in need. No one will be denied based on financial hardships.

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Who's This For?

You might be a great fit for the program!

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Who This Is NOT For:

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What’s In It For You?

*No cannabis or psychedelics for sale. Only available for those residing in decriminalized states. Check your local laws. No medical advice, this is for educational purposes only. Consult first with your doctor.

Cannabis & Meditation, The Perfect Combination

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Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a wide receptor network that is responsible for regulating the way we relax, eat, sleep, and remember things.

The main active component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a cannabinoid that mimics the body’s endocannabinoids and fills in the gaps for the ECS to bring back homeostasis.

Studies show that while meditating, the brain decreases its workload with information processing. This loosens the connections to certain neural pathways, resulting in less rash reactions and gives us more time to respond to our thoughts and emotions productively.

Together, cannabis and meditation is a powerful combination that helps us slow down and create emotional stability, so that we can take action in all areas of our lives with more confidence, consciousness, and creativity.


There will be a total of 6 separate calls for your monthly journey. Two prep sessions, two journey sessions, and two integration sessions. A physical workbook will also be mailed to you to help you track the before, during, and after picture of your growth.

Prep Session #1

Set and setting. Prepare your mindset by setting your intentions for this space, as well as the optimal environment and people to be with. Learn more about these tools and what a conscious practice looks like.

Journey Session #1

We'll start with breathing techniques to increase bloodflow to your body, heart, and brain and find grounding. Then consume and be guided through mindfulness meditation while elevated.*

Integration Session #1

Once we've had a few hours to return to baseline, we'll start the integration process - drawing meaning and insights from your experience and how it relates to your intentions and what you'd like to build into your life.

Prep Session #2

Iterate on our first experience, making any adjustments or changes to our set and setting in order to optimize your journey session even deeper.

Journey Session #2

Same as the first session, breathwork followed by guided meditation.

Integration Session #2

Continue the integration process further. What other wisdom can you tap into? What shifts in perspectives or reframes do you notice? And how can we continue embodying this knowledge moving forward?

*No medical advice, this is for educational purposes only. Consult first with your doctor.

Still Not Sure?

Sign up for a one-time, 1-on-1, two-hour workshop where I’ll help you get super clear on what you actually want in your life, career, or relationships, and to work through what’s getting in the way, for you specifically.

Connect with the community

We’re still open to more learners before officially starting the LIVE course. After you register (link at the bottom of this page), there will be a scheduling poll to take so that we can find the best times that work for everyone. If you can’t make it, there will be a recording available to meditate on your own time.

In the meantime, join the FREE Discord Server or Facebook Group to connect with other mindful cannabis enthusiasts!

What Others Have Said So Far:

*Scholarships may be available for those who need it. No one will be denied because of financial hardship.


No. I’m not a mental health professional and no formal therapy is administered.

Some therapeutic frameworks will be used in a life coaching context, but this is only for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing serious or debilitating physical, mental, or emotional symptoms, please seek a medical professional.

Traditional therapy and life coaching starts upwards of $150 per session. For this program, you get 6 sessions  every month and a physical workbook for $125/week. Payment occurs once a month. You can pause and continue anytime with no additional fees. Payment plans or scholarships are available for those needing financial assistance. If you dislike the service, or don’t see value after the first journey session, I’ll provide a full refund.

Unfortunately, insurance does cover this service at this time. I’m excited to see the healthcare industry evolve in the future though, and hopefully we’ll be able to at least ask for reimbursement. For now, consider this as an investment into your personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Insightful question! It’s important to never become completely dependent on anything, let alone a chemical substance to give us whatever we’re desiring. This service will provide you the knowledge, perspective, tools, and habits to create an unattached relationship with your cannabis or psychedelics. The intention is only to use these tools to shine a light on how to build independence from these very tools so you aren’t reliant on anything else external.

The issue is that for many of us, accessing our internal wisdom has been suppressed. The emotional muscles we need have atrophied from a left-brained, headstrong environment. Plant medicine helps us reach what was previously inaccessible by bringing our bodies back to homeostasis.

You can schedule your 6 sessions all on your own time within the month!

The prep sessions for both journeys are only 30 min. You’ll have as much time as you need on your own for your medicine journey. Then we’ll get back onto Zoom at a later date for the 45-min Integration session.

Outside of that, it is recommended you dedicate at least 1 hour a week for more reflection and integration outside of the sessions.

I’m ICF-accredited in coaching models like Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, and Motivational Interviewing. I’ve facilitated emotional intelligence workshops for organizations and have coached individuals and groups for almost half a decade.

I’m also a Psychedelic Integration Guide with Mindbloom, having coached 100+ clients through their psychedelic therapy journey. I’ve also self-hosted over a dozen cannabis-friendly meditations virtually and taught cannabis mindfulness classes.

As the first-generation born in America and oldest son of Chinese immigrant parents, I had the opportunity to learn how to communicate across language and cultural barriers. I watched my parents and grandparents bicker every day over the smallest miscommunications, which taught me conflict management skills. I had to learn how to handle my own emotional wellbeing when they would tell me things like, “man up,” or “stop being so sensitive.” Or when they never verbally expressed love and instead added more pressure on me to perform.

In my corporate career, I learned how to manage stress and burnout when I found myself in toxic work environments, constantly changing deadlines and no attention to culture. Aiming to fill the gap, I joined an Employee Resource Group within the company to help employees find work-life balance. I facilitated workshops that improved workplace satisfaction amongst new hires and new managers with more open, empathetic conversations.

I’m also a student of life. I love listening to podcasts, reading personal development books, and working through online courses and worksheets (#nerd!). But all those resources meant nothing if I couldn’t apply it. So I quit my job to pursue entrepreneurship to apply what I learn in real-time. They say owning a business is one of the best personal development courses to take. 

I get that. You might be wanting a clear, tangible, logical return on your time, effort, and material investment.

If there is any part of you that resonates with this though, then there’s some part of your intuition that knows the importance of these social-emotional skills. 

In fact, exercising these soft skills will inevitably get you what you want, the money, the freedom, the intimacy, the badass, fulfilling career, and meaningful connections. Building emotional skills is directly correlated to better opportunities and whatever abundance you want.

But I will say, if money, beautiful dates, fame, or even a quick fix from a “magic pill” is what you’re looking for, this program won’t be for you. I’m building this for those who seek something deeper within themselves and are willing to get uncomfortable to accelerate that progress.

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This program is for entertainment and educational purposes only, 21+. I am not a mental health professional. This is not medical advice. Please consume at your own risk, and consult a medical professional if you are experiencing any debilitating conditions. It the responsibility of the registrant to check his/her state laws regarding cannabis and/or psychedelic use.