How to Create Personal (and Professional) Clarity With Design Thinking

It’s uncomfortable and scary to face the big, “messy” problems in your life. Most of us will do everything we can to stall, prorogue (*word of the day!), or even ignore them, hoping it goes away or fixes itself. And honestly, some will with time, but others need addressing, otherwise you’ll get stuck in a loop.

Design Thinking is a framework used to tackle those ill-defined problems. When applied to our personal lives, it provides structure to even the most intimidating parts of it.

Learn what many businesses have been using to develop creative solutions and how to apply it to your personal life for a clearer, more fulfilling future for yourself.

This is for you if:

  • You want a toolset and the skills to prepare yourself for future change
  • You’ve embarked into unfamiliar territory and would like a GPS system right about now
  • You’re “doing fine” right now, but it’s not feeling sustainable and you know that there’s something out there that fits you better and would thrive in
  • You’ve come to a crossroads or stagnation in your life, career, or relationships and need help deciding where to go next

What’s in it for you?

  • A way to start clearing up what it is you really want
  • Another perspective at what is getting in your way
  • A framework to get back control of you for you
  • Ideas and confidence to begin chipping at the big, messy problems in your life


3:30-4:00pm – Meet people

4:00-5:00pm – Workshop exercises

5:00-5:30pm – Q&A/discussion

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